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Tomorrow, 1st August 2009, all Malaysian called to come to Masjid Jamek, Istana Negara and some other places to protest against the Internal Security Act (ISA). Basically, what do you know about I.S.A? ISA is a preventive detention law in force in Malaysia. In essence, it allows for the arrest of any person without the need for trial in certain defined circumstances. But people, I.S.A enactment today is 110% carried away by the government in a different way of how exactly it supposed to be. It gone wrong and violence is the point!!
Due to the alleged draconian nature of the ISA, several human rights organisations and opposition political parties have strongly criticised the act and called for its repeal. With the voice of more than 50 000 people tomorrow will urge the Malaysian Government to release all detainees still in custody under the ISA and together we urge them to abolish the ISA immediately!! Many political activists in the past have been detained for more than a decade because of this unbelievable enactment. So, what are you people are waiting for? do your part!
In conjunction with the new concept which is 1 Malaysia or what-so-ever, it so-called 1 Voice, what is the meaning of it if the state still using ISA by detaining persons without trial and without any form of judicial process?


tired sudah...


YES I AM!! I am very satisfied with my new blog template!!! i made it very well i guess :P, didn't i?? [perasan kan?] haha~~i have discovered few new widgets :) and yeah,extremely tired right right now..but i can't sleep..i'm afraid i'm not gonna wake up for morning prayer (subuh)...and then get scolded by my mum later on if i miss it..i need to shut down this laptop..its fans are starting to make some noise and i can feel the heat on this keypad.in fact, yes it is very hot!!!
actually, i started editing this template at 11.15am yesterday morning after i spoilt my own blog and i was on track until 4.50am...and finally it's done!! i feel very sad cuz i lost my chit chatting box...overlook those great conversations in there and some precious advises from Kak AidaNadia...i miss her, indeed.. :(
Btw, i keep looking at my homepage cuz i like it so much as if I don't believe with what i hAvE done a moment ago...not a moment actually, i took about almost 1 whole day to complete it...Yes, I am proud and of course satisfied!! but still sangat kagum dengan other blogger who can produce better blogs!! thumbs up to u people!! :)
p/s: to DJah and Kak Aida, i will reply ur message(in chatting box) tomorrow okay! ^_^


it spoilt!!
i lost my friends list, chit chat box, music, watch and stuff that incandescently important!!
this is utterly crap!!
those who have dropped few messages into the chit chat box, i apologise profusely and I'm also so grateful to u all !!
sometimes i'm being too fastidious that's why i keep changing the template until i lost a lotsa things...
[ in a process of exploring some new features in this new troublesome template but it's very nice!! :P ]

A for Avatar


hey...uhh~~im not gonna cart off my hand from typing out something about the eclipse..i love eclipse!! it is such a great and wonderful nature phenomenon that everyone of us at least must put a little attention on it... as i said in my previous entry, this phenomenon reminds me to one of the Avatar: The Last Airbender's episode which is "the eclipse"... for those who love to watch Avatar, i bet u would like to read this entry from the beginning till the end ^^... we gotta sneak a look at this few recaps that i took from it... and again, it just all about the eclipse :) ...

briefly, an eclipse of the Sun occurs when the Earth passes through the Moon's shadow. A total eclipse of the Sun takes place only during a new moon, when the Moon is directly between the Sun and the Earth. When a total eclipse does occur, the Moon's shadow covers only a small portion of the Earth, where the eclipse is visible. As the Moon moves in its orbit, the position of the shadow changes, so total solar eclipses usually only last a minute or two in a given location.

argh..no need to talk about science!!put it aside!! ( i know ur instinct is speaking :P )...back to Avatar...The heroes(Aang, Katara, Toph, and Sokka) discovered information about solar eclipse which would leave the Fire Nation powerless and open to invasion. This is the time where the whole Fire Lord's assassins are powerless!! and it is the most suitable time to conquer the Fire Nation!! yeah!! unfortunately, the invasion that has been planned by Sokka(from the Southern Water Tribe) couldn't make as what it supposed to be... Haizzz..my favorite character, Azula, princess of Fire Nation and a Firebending prodigy destroyed any hope of a large-scale invasion of the Fire Nation..geram kan? but i adore her ;P !!! haha! anyway, enjoy!

[the eclipse]

[heading toward the Fire Nation]

[katara and her father]

[the invasion]

[the invasion was failed]

[yeah,,this is Azula ^^]

this morning till midnight, my brother and i have squandered our day watching the whole Avatar's episodes again!!! haha,,this is our 3rd time!!! tell u what, nothing and nobody could stop us from watching them all over again..LOL~and obviously, we cant finish them all by a day..it needs at least 2days i guess..my desktop needs to take a break too.. :) it worn-out babe..

"we lose today, but we never been this close... we tasted the victory, and that comes for something"

solar eclipse

[ total solar eclipse]

[ different stages of the total solar eclipse ]

Millions watch as the century's longest solar eclipse cuts a wide swath across the continent...it was 6 minutes and 39 seconds!!that was very long!! omg!! hey guys, just imagine u can see this eclipse!!! the amazing creature and this was happened once in a blue moon!! i wish i was in India to watch this eclipse!! here, i would like to share with u about the mythologies regarding to this solar eclipse...

In Hindu mythology, an eclipse is said to be caused when a dragon-demon swallows the sun, while another myth says the sun's rays during an eclipse can harm unborn children. i just don't know how true this statement could influence their thinking... But when the sky started to darken, everyone rushed out into the schoolyard, cheering and applauding. that gonna be interesting if it was happened in Malaysia but we can see only 8% of that eclipse..uhh~~well,,at least there is a small percentage there..hehhe! another mythology from Buddhist Temple in a Thai capital Bangkok, "The eclipse is bad omen for the country,"....the truth?? God knows best...For the Muslim, is this one of the sign of a Day of Judgment?? The Day of Judgment represents God's mercy, justice, and power, which we all humans need. This day is what we need now and what we will face later :) -this is my own opinion..i still hvnt done a complete research..this is just a preface of it ^^ anyway, i wish i have a chance to see this one of the most spectacular of nature's phenomenon.
***actually, this phenomenon reminds me to one of the Avatar: The Last Air Bender 's episode which is "the eclipse". For those who have watched this episode, I'm in ur team bebeh (pointing a finger on u)!! haha!

***and for those who really love to know about the prediction of all 12 zodiac signs regarding to this eclipse, u can check this out. click on the link below,it just fun!! ^^


truth is painful

Align Center

walk alone...and ready to face the truth...

I need... i need... i need...

instinct told me that something important had happened only a moment ago, just out of my sight, perceived subliminally.

frowning...needed what??


My house was not merely quite but eerily still. My dad had taken my sisters to school..mum went to do some stuff at her office..but this childless silence was more than just a condition. it had substance...the air felt heavy with it.

Outside, the breezy and windy day was as hushed as the house. At the only window of my second-floor study, the wide louvers of the plantation shutters were ajar. Sunlight slanted between angled slats, imprinting the bench and carpet with narrow red-gold stripes as lustrous as fox fur... Sometimes i hate dusk! i hate this darker stage of twilight...i always had an eerie sense of deja vu at this moment...the feeling of deja vu can be a good thing sometimes, but it so unpleasant when it happens to me during dusk...dull during dusk!

Perhaps the silent seemed unnaturally deep only because the house had been filled with noise and bustle since Friday evening, when the schools had closed for the weekend break and my the one and the only brother came back from his hostel..great feeling when i met him..i missed them all...i should have gone to the mall with them to have the awesome window shopping..haha!at least we have spent one night at Puncak Lui, Hulu Langat and played with awesome mist on top of the hill when the sun raised!!during dawn, right after we finished perform prayer, we couldn't even see what is happening 10meters in front us outside the chalet because it was dreadfully foggy...such a vast and amazing panoramic view that u can catch up there!!

[i can't see my chalet down there...foggy]

[with flash!! cool!! isn't it?]

[ the magnificence of Allah, the Lord]


confident spirit... i need u to be as my soul at this moment!!!!

that 'thing' poached my heart,,, i know it is expected but urghhh,,,it is badly painful~~i think i just fell down into the rabbit hole and i found it.

well, guess IT"S TIME TO FACE THE MUSIC NOW!!! i need confident...i need...i need...

simple or real?



Real friends??
What makes a real friend? you grew up together , went to school together or maybe shared those crazy times in your life exploring who you both are and what you want out of life. well,,my point of view bout 'friend' is,, friends can be and could be anything..that's sucks when u have such a freak friend. if i were u, sometimes i feel like i want to kick her/his ass off!! hey girls and dudes, get ur asses away from me! back off people!!haha~~[that's so not me]

so how do you know if you are real friends or just a simple friends??

* A simple friend has never seen you cry.
* A real friend has shoulders soggy and mushy from your tears.
....but i never ever cried in front of my friend,,,"act macho" haha~~! maybe for some of my girl-friends this is a very2 good way for u ladies!...

* A simple friend doesn't know your parent's first names.
* A real friend has their phone numbers in his address book.
....great to have this kind of true friend...but they never had!

* A simple friend brings a bouquet of flowers to your party
* A real friend comes early to help you cook and stays late to help you clean.

...both of these friends are good but remember who really care about how the party goes, even though that's not her/his own party but it shows how concern he/she is...right [not so sure bout this] ?

* A simple friend hates it when u call after she has gone to bed.
* A real friend ask you why you took so long to call.

...feel sucks when u need someone to talk to,,but that person refuses to do it so..but real friend does not care bout time and as long as she/he knows that u are happy when she/he is happy..if u feel sad..he/she is willing to cure that sadness..time is not a matter here!

* A simple friend seeks to talk with you about your problems.
* A real friend seeks to help you with your problems.

...haha,,,this is so true..even myself can't avoid this...it is so hard to be a real friend like that..i wish i can be like that,, [maybe not yet]

* A simple friend wonders about your romantic history
* A real friend could blackmail you with it.

* A simple friend, when visiting, acts like guest.
* A real friend opens your refrigerator and helps himself.
...hahahaha,,am i your real friend?? [refers to my friends who i hv visited her/his house]

* A simple friend thinks the friendship is over when u have an argument.
* A real friend calls you after you had a fight.
...ok, this is a very strong point about 'friend' when it starts and when it is over?? "friend forever" plays a role here,,,have anyone heard about friendship is over? if the simple friend thinks that way (argument breaks a relationship)...he/she shows how immature she/he is..there is an antidote for every disease and it same goes to the argument and problem..no matter how dramatic is ur argument,,there's a lot of ways to solve it...that's the time to face the music! call her/him...do confess and solve it as a professional not immature!

* A simple friend expects you to always be there for them.
* A real friend expects to always be there for you.
... Ok..lets go straight to the main point…that is really hurt when u know ppl who u treat them as real friends leave u behind…how do u feel anyway?? don’t u feel mad?? They don’t get behind the fellow…!! And once they did this,,nobody can cure that madness...they just know how to exacerbate it...but they dont know how to cure...unless they know what ‘real friend’ means for that fellow.. [such a very vague statement...get the point?]

Now don't get me wrong. it's good to have simple friends, as they are fun and offer another network of people to socialize with.
But you can't bet real friends, can u admit that u are??
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