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erm...yesterday was supposed to be the final submission for DESIGN 201 (the ocean ensemble-SPA)..yes,,as usual,again,i did submit my uncomplete work..i think it just finished 20% out of 100%..tht was really little work!...and today..i decided to change a bit my design..
the word 'change' here doesnt mean tht i change the whole concept cuz normally when it comes to the word 'change' i will change the entire concept of my design but for this project i guess there is no more time to make a fully changes..'change' in term of form only!!the concept remains the same... i think new ideas that juz came out from my mind are better and good enough to show my concept...hehe~~really would like to thank to Djah, Roy and Leon cuz they helped me a lot in this project...esspecially to Djah and Roy...u guys are GREAT!!hehe...i hope all the new ideas would help me to produce a better work and a great final product!!but the thing is now,, im thinking whether do i have enough TIME to make it works??? erm~~~


" there's a race against time to submit this project!"



haha..this is the funny thing when the day before the submission date...most of the people in my facebook were cursing..this is non-stop ,ppl! I was cursing too,,haha!!hey guys...let them out!! lol~i think maybe for some of my friends,,,that's the way how they release their tension...sometimes it can be a good thing but sometimes it is not...nevertheless, u guys are super GREAT!!this is so brave~~thumbs up! together we struggle to submit everything ON TIME ya!! i wish~~hehe!

**hey guys...sorry for putting ur display name& photo..it just for fun and if u don't like it..i will remove it a.s.a.p...chill!!but..u are always great with those cursing words!!lol~~



(the photo above is NOT my design and myself neither...it just an interpretation and expression)

yeah...i don't want to say this word but he forced me to say it! and finally my work and my design have rejected by him!!!!!!!!!!hell yeah,that's the word!
..ugghhh!it just very HARD to accept this and this is what just happened to me few days back...this is how the story starts,,,my final project for this sem is about the ocean ensemble project which is we have to design a SPA that located in Kuta Beach, Bali in Indonesia.this task is kinda tough for me,,b'cuz it is bout the analysis of the site,my understanding, the interpretation, and somehow we manage to design a SPA tht only can be built in Bali and no-where-else.the last tutorial session with mr.Najmi was a DISASTER for me...he DIDN'T say "i reject ur work",but the way he looked at it...seemed like "why do u do something like this"..get it?erm..u hv to imagine the situation..then only u can understand this situation too...
he messed up my mind!!i'm not in a good mood to continue with my design now..everything jus a MESS!but the point is tht, all wht he said to me during tht tutorial session are RIGHT!i noticed tht my design is soooooo WEAK!it can be built anywhere not just in Bali~

Anyway,,,here i got something to share with u guys bout the REJECTED work..hey hey!!!DON'T STOP READING,,,lets hv a little peep on this thought...i think it is gonna be useful for u guys and yeah even for me!!


Well, architecture students and even architects, designers, writers, really-must have thick skin in order to wade through all the rejection designs on the way to literary or artistic success. when u design for a living, u have to accept the fact that some of ur work will be rejected, either by a client, lecturer, architects or a critic. Even after your work has been displayed for all the world to see, someone is going to reject your masterpiece.

They aren't rejecting you!

This is one of the hardest concepts for aspiring designers or architects to grasp. in order to cope with rejection, you must first understand it's YOUR WORK that's been rejected, NOT YOU! Clients, professional Architects, and critics all have a myriad of reasons for rejecting a design or even though it just a proposal, and none of it has anything to do with who you are.

Don't overanalyze the rejection.

One of the tendencies for aspiring designers and architects is to pour over every rejection letter and negative review, searching for some sense of meaning. Even if they don't agree with the rejection, they still want to understand it.

What you'll have to learn to understand is that everyone has different tastes and we all have a right to our opinions. Just because Mr.Faisal, Mr.Harris, Mr.Gary, and Mr.Najmi(all these are my design lecturers) think that your work sucks doesn't mean everyone else feels that way...

While you shouldn't overanalyze, you should take what they say to heart. Did they criticize your characterization?

Don't stop designing!

Each rejection you receive as an aspiring designer will not only be a stepping stone in your career, but should also drive you to design more. Don't take rejection lying down, instead, work to further your skills by taking courses or just designing every day. there is a light at the end of the tunnel and you can forge through the rejection designs and negative reviews.

***this is what i can summarize after i had a little glance on a book that i found in the Campus Library but i don't know whose that book belongs to cuz there is no stamp of LKW's Library on it..Interpersonal Rejection.



huh..it almost 2 months i didn't update my blog..really apologize to myself b'cuz of this IGNORANCE...i wanted to hv blog but a good blogger should really CARE about his blog!!!!!!!i had such of busy life lately...my final submission for final project juz around the corner..and even myself couldn't really manage my TIME properly to finish these bunch of projects...uhhh~~busy..busy..busy...keep repeating this word!!!!!!!! argh~~

THAT CLOCK IS TICKING!!! hey,manage ur time properly!!Oh God, please get myself into the right path where i can manage my time properly and consistently!!
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