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can't stand...

uhh~~!i dunno know how am i feeling right now..my heart is juz like a soo messy and everything is like trying to kill@attact myself from every single of angles...uhh~~!i juz reached home and just finished my shift....working for the whole day was not that easy..tired@become soo moody@hungry are the most familiar words that can describe about myself when i just returned home from work...arghh~~!today was like a mess for me!!!!!!!!!maybe i'm kind of person that take everyhing serious and even that was a simple thing but it does matter for me...i started my shift from 11am yesterday morning and finished at 12am just now..arrgh~~!damn tired and i'm starving like shit right now...uhh~~!that's not big deal cuz i "took" 1burger and i think that could be my supper today...from 11am until 6pm i would say my mood was still 'ok' but after 6pm onward, evrything was trying to mess up myself..i felt soo moody and i did'nt wanna talk with anybody but i have to..uhh~~!she started it up!!what she was saying was completely a shame for me. she said "where the are girls sitting,there is where i am"...do u noe wat,,i do understand the deepest meaning that hidding behind that phase.. i never intended to not talking with some guys there but the thing is there is nothing should we talk about!!!!!!! i have no idea how to start the conversation with them b'coz they are completely different to compare with me.i never said they are too "kampung" cuz i'm kinda "kampung" too but seriously i feel awkward when i sit together with them....arghr...it just very hard to explain as long as i noe that i can't mix around with them and have a very interesting conversation cuz there is nothing we can talk about...after that that was almost 11pm and it was a closing time for KFC24hours to do some cleaning in that restaurant.it is now a time close but to take care and make sure the hygine is under control, we gotta clean up everything that needed only....and 'she' again make me soooooooo annoying on her...she did say something that really does matter for me and she thought it was'nt!!! arghhh,,,whatever!!!!!!! ( 'she' and 'they' are refer to somebodies that i could'nt write here)
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