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Brothers and sisters, read this :)

4 golongan lelaki ke neraka ...

Pertama:- 'Ayahnya' - Apabila seseorang yang bergelar ayah tidak memperdulikan anak-anak perempuannya di dunia.Dia tidak memberikan segala keperluan agama seperti mengajar solat, mengaji dan sebagainya.Dia membiarkan anak-anak perempuannya tidak menutup aurat.. tidak cukup kalau dengan hanya memberi kemewahan dunia sahaja maka dia akan ditarik oleh anaknya.

Kedua:- 'Suaminya' - Apabila seorang suami tidak memperdulikan tindak tanduk isterinya. Bergaul bebas di pejabat,memperhiaskan diri bukan untuk suami tapi untuk pandangan kaum lelaki yang bukan mahram,apabila suami mendiamkan di

ri.. Walaupun dia seorang alim (solat tidak tangguh, puasa tidak tinggal)maka dia akan ditarik oleh isterinya.

Ketiga:- 'Abang-abangnya' - Apabila ayahnya sudah tiada, tanggungjawab menjaga maruah wanita jatuh kepala abang-abangnya.. jikalau mereka hanya mementing keluarganya sahaja dan adik perempuannya dibiar melencong dari ajaran ISLAM. Tunggulah tarikan adiknya di akhirat.

Keempat:-' Anak Lelakinya' - Apabila seorang anak

tidak menasihati seorang ibu perihal kelakuan yang haram dari Islam, maka anak itu akan disoal dan dipertangungjawabkan diakhirat kelak.. Nantikan tarikan ibunya.

Maka kita lihat betapa hebatnya tarikan wanita bukan sahaja di dunia malah di akhirat pun tarikannya begitu hebat...maka kaum lelaki yang bergelar ayah / suami / abang atau anak harus memainkan peranan mereka yang sebenar tidak

silap firman ALLAH S.W.T.:-

" Hai anak adam peliharakanlah diri kamu serta ahli kamu dari api neraka,di mana bahan pembakarnya ialah manusia dan batu-batu.."

Hai wanita, kasihankan ayah anda, suami anda,abang-abang anda serta anak-anak lelaki anda..Kesiankanlah mereka dan juga diri kamu sendiri..jalankan perintah ALLAH S.W.T. dengan bersungguh-sungguh dan dengan penuh ikhlas..

Akhir kata, marilah kita berdoa agar kita semua terselamat dari ditarik dan tertarik oleh mana-mana pihak. Harga seseorang muslim adalah sangat berharga.

ALLAH S.W.T. nilaikan seseorang muslim dengan SYURGA.. semua kaum muslim masuk syurga..janganlah kita membuang atau tidak mengendah janji ALLAH S.W.T.

Semoga kita semua tergolong dari ahli syurga yang memasukinya tanpa hisab.


p/s: I found this in Facebook. Something good to read :) Courtesy of Islamic Glory's Wall. [link]


The more i ignore, the more i feel the pain...you hurt me so badly... but somehow, i dont think u realize that what u did to me was a real pain! I MEAN IT!! I REALLY DO! but you know perfectly well it was wrong!u know u shouldnt do that, but u expect people like me has no heart feeling...what kind of human are u? At this stage, i dont think IGNORANCE IS A BLISS ANYMORE.

If u think im a total dumbass, i would like to ask u who dyu think u are huh??! a brilliant clever freak?! a genius old man? Albert Einstein II or what? tell me who u are??! at the first place, I did and still, do respect u like a real brother who way older than me because i been trained like that, but u poach that respect. Your age doesnt even portrait an attitude that someone like u should behave. NOT AT ALL, the way u treat people who wayyyy wayyy younger than u was so wrong! CHILDISH i have to say! U yelled at me in front of public, u screamed like a total moron to me, u been planning to embarrass me in front of people, what are y'all been thinking huh?! Seriously, this is not something funny! Even-though while u make fool of myself, u were laughing like a witch, but deep in my heart it was so hurt. y'all hv to know that. Please people, if i get exploded after been keeping this pain, u wont ever recognize who is the real 'hudzaifah' anymore. That's why i wont let it happens. Seriously guys, if i were in age 25 or 27 like u, behave like the way u are now, i'll think that PRE-PRIMARY SCHOOL is the best place to be, University level is way too far to reach...too far...come on guys, y'all failed to respect me, i gave y'all a second chance after the S'pore trip and obviously u didnt appreciate that,. As a consequence, starting from now on, there is NO respect u deserve to get from me. I may act like nothing happened when i face y'all but..but..arghhh..FTW! Sometimes i think y'all just like small kids which need a proper surveillance from their parents. Imagine how embarrassing it would be!!
Guys, get a move on! IT'S AGE OF MATURITY..!

p/s : im talking about these two fellas, NOT about another one friend which almost the same age as me :) you know who you are.

let's shake it up a little!


Alright...alright...that's all i can tell y'all why i didnt update my blog...actually, there are lots of things to say, to write, and and to tell y'all about what i've been doing within this 5 months break without any entries in this blog..yea..it seems completely ignored by me... in fact, yes totally.. :(

okay, im gonna put a little update here...and some recaps of my events and activities...since my semester has started for 2weeks already, i cant really write so many things because y'all know right....life as an architecture student aint that free to give a total attention for blogging...i got a lot of better things to do...i know it sounds bad, as if blogging is just wasting my time, actually not for y'all, just for me,i repeat it just myself... once i opened 'blogspot.com', im gonna make a tour to all around the world, meaning that im gonna go to some of my friend's blogs and read their entries...because they are really good in writing entries for their blogs..i adore them so much! keep it up!

due to that, i wasted my time that supposedly belongs to my assignments...lol...ermm, even though i think nobody read my blog, i guess it doesnt matter...i know maybe some of y'all may think my blog is just full of shits but i dont mind cuz that's ur own opinion and i do respect it. btw,enjoy reading my thoughts yea! hv fun!

**it may takes some times to recall everything back...lol...y'all gotta wait for the next post yea! haha..sorry for this inconvenience**

Jom Balik Kampung! VIDEO!


As the crescent moon is sighted and we celebrate the joyous occasion of Eid Fitr... May Allah bless us with happiness and grace our home with warmth and peace!


Let's spend a few minutes to watch this video..
it's really give a great impact on u about how important are people who been waiting for u at the kampung.. who love u so much than everyone beside u do...

this is pathetic, isn't it??
uhh..it really touched...

taken in 2007
journey to Kelantan Darul Naim

(it was a long journey,,,12 hours on board...really tiring!)

Salaam people! Berhati-hati di jalan raya yea!!

Last message :: for bad drivers...

I found a solution for bad drivers. Ya know the ones that speed and think nobody's paying attention. The ones that brake, and give a signal as they are turning! Take your old blow dryer to a nearby town where nobody knows you, park off the road in a safe spot, but where the drivers can see you. Point your blowdryer at oncoming cars and watch the fools slow down. Be careful, they might think you're a terrorist.

~~haha, i know this is lame~~

hey LAMEOS!!!


SHOUTOUT to all LAMEOS members,

don't forget about tonight!! attendance is COMPULSORY... it's part of our event of the year! hehe :P

:::message from member of legislature (kahkahkah!)

September 11... do u still remember?


[WTC, September 11 2001]

Do u still remember what was happening on 11th September few years back?? The shockwaves from this senseless tragedy were felt all over the world. For the sake of brotherhood in Islam, my deepest sympathy, may u all find peace. They will never be forgotten. No matter whether those who were death were Muslims or Non-Muslims... Only God knows how sincere my condolence would like to be expressed on the loss of those victims...

Included are victims for whom AP has confirmed the death with named local or federal government officials, the person's family, a named spokesman for the person's employer or a named funeral home official. In the case of confirmation by family members, victims are included when the family member is definitive that the person is dead or that the family considers the person dead.

[is it still exist?] ...imagine if it is...

Eisley - Invasion : Live on Fearless Music





the song : invasion
i think their vocals are flawless and adorable... if u don't think so, back off! they are mine! haha! if u do, Hi5!!

Stacy DuPree - Keyboard, vocals, guitar
Chauntelle DuPree - Lead guitar and on occasion, vocals
Garron DuPree - Bass
Weston DuPree - Drums
Sherri DuPree - Rhythm guitar and vocals

...Eisley is a rock band from Tyler, Texas. They are actually consisting of four siblings and their cousin...

click this

On Earth


Look at this...Look!!! Doesn't it amazing??

The super chameleon shows his super camouflaging powers.

okay, are u done with that one?

hold on!! hold on!!

i got one more, they just not only a chameleon.. they are....

the rappers too!! haha!

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