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Basically, this blog is NOT ONLY about the life story of the Author. It contains some informative entries that may be useful for the readers include POLITICS, FACTS, NATURE, HONESTY & LIES, NEWS, SOCIAL ISSUES, ARCHITECTURE and MY DAILY ROUTINE.

fyi, this blog has changed the header name from "it starts with a word" to "Stand Up and Speak Out"
and don't get confuse anyway!

let's shake it up a little!


Alright...alright...that's all i can tell y'all why i didnt update my blog...actually, there are lots of things to say, to write, and and to tell y'all about what i've been doing within this 5 months break without any entries in this blog..yea..it seems completely ignored by me... in fact, yes totally.. :(

okay, im gonna put a little update here...and some recaps of my events and activities...since my semester has started for 2weeks already, i cant really write so many things because y'all know right....life as an architecture student aint that free to give a total attention for blogging...i got a lot of better things to do...i know it sounds bad, as if blogging is just wasting my time, actually not for y'all, just for me,i repeat it just myself... once i opened 'blogspot.com', im gonna make a tour to all around the world, meaning that im gonna go to some of my friend's blogs and read their entries...because they are really good in writing entries for their blogs..i adore them so much! keep it up!

due to that, i wasted my time that supposedly belongs to my assignments...lol...ermm, even though i think nobody read my blog, i guess it doesnt matter...i know maybe some of y'all may think my blog is just full of shits but i dont mind cuz that's ur own opinion and i do respect it. btw,enjoy reading my thoughts yea! hv fun!

**it may takes some times to recall everything back...lol...y'all gotta wait for the next post yea! haha..sorry for this inconvenience**


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