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waa..i had a very nice and long sleep this evening..after the class finished, i went back home and after asar prayer,,i coundnt stand anymore coz i felt soooo tired and i miss my bed badly!!!haha...at least i had some rest but the thing is after i woke up,,i was so blur like a 'child' and until now i didnt do any assignment yet for today,,,very2 blur,,i dunno why..maybe my body still tired coz i slept at 6am yesterday(struggled to submit the 6models)..

sleepy (v_v)

arghh..sleepy,but there a lot of models that i hv to finish them up,,,ughh!!i juz finished 1 and 5 more to go...besides,,i gotta do a bunch of drwgs for every single model...hate this feeling..streesful~~!

lazy sunday~~!

waaa....today is sunday...i think sunday is the best day to rest and maybe i would hv a very long sleep..hahaha~~!but actually i got sumtin to do,,,my assignment hs been given since last thursday..and im not even started yet...arggg~~!feel freaking lazy now...
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