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life is so damned disorderly, things just happen, and there doesn't seem any point to so much of what we go through. Sometimes it seems the world's a madhouse. Storytelling condenses life, gives it order. Stories have beginnings, middles, ends. And when a story's over, it meant something, by God, maybe not something complex, maybe what it had to say was simple, even naive, but there was meaning. and that gives us hope, it's a medicine.

the medicine of hope

or maybe I'm just full of shit


Langkawi Flash!

credits to Jesmie and Emy for the nice photos...
THANK YOU 10000x!!!!!!!

first four photos from Jes...
fifth and sixth from Emy...
and the last three from my camera... :D

in the photos : Audi, Hilman, Jesmie, Amliy, Hud, Chuin Yoong, Melissa, Jin Shan, and Emy...

Langkawi Trip

I'm just dropping by to put a little update about Langkawi Trip... In brief,, it was FUN but kinda relax(it should be very busy) since that was a site visit that needed to produce a real site analysis..even though we made it, I'm still not satisfied with my work...

17th August 2009

i started my journey from Ampang... at 6.00pm i skipped a Btech class and reached Ampang around 8.00pm after got something from Seri Kembangan... i packed up everything(just simply grab some shits to put in my bag)... My sister sent me to LRT Ampang at 10.10pm..There u go Hud!! that was my first time went to Pudu Terminal alone...When i reached, nobody was there except for those anonymous...written there, my Bus ticket will be on 11.30pm, MaraLiner Bus..Finally, we (jes, hilman, audi, nurin&boyfriend, aimi&boyfriend, yaya&boyfriend, and me) entered the bus and started our journey!! yay!

18th August 2009
we arrived Kuala Perlis at 5.30am..tell u this, the bus driver's skill was really bloody amazing..damn fast like he was drifting on the road...then, we walked to the Jetty. It was not open yet because too early..we took a first ferry which was on 7.00am...fuuuuhhh, once i get into the platform, i could smell the salty sandy beach!! waa..erm, the ferry sit was truly uncomfortable...i sat on that sit with out of proportion...*sigh* we were inside the ferry for 1 1/2 hours...pretty slow actually..in fact, yes it was!! once we get there, Langkawi, feel truly awesome!! nice!We took a cab and it drove us to Langkawi Boutique Hotel (3stars hotel only). We checked-in and get the room key...the Hotel really ada style...it worth it!! i paid RM 120 for 4days 3nights (sharing with 4persons) -Jes, Hilman, Audi, and I...Regarding to the schedule we supposed to attend the meeting at 2.oopm...but it just on the paper...akhirnya, the meeting was held only with group leaders and after that no more meeting..the group leader just sorted out the task to all group members...that easy~so, we spent our day by walking around the beach and had some photography session among us... :D
[Langkawi Boutique Hotel]

[Chenang Beach view]

19th August 2009
The real site visit has begun!!we analyzed a lot of components. My task was 'Local Authorities Requirements'..i was working with Aaron and Munshi..They are really a great team-mate!! The site is at Tanjung Rhu...one of the beach that has the beauty essence of Langkawi... I had a bout ride tour around the islands near Tanjung Rhu...it was a nature marine Eco tours actually..there are some places that i have visited, firstly, i saw dolphins!!! omg,my first time!! plenty of them...! and then pusing2 around the forest surrounded by lime stone formation...next, we went to floating Fish-Farm, Bat Cave, Crocodile Cave, and finally we fed the eagles!! i saw closely those eagles!! they finished the food within 30seconds..that was really fast!! After that, we continued the analysis until 6.oopm...while waiting to see the sunset, we played around the beach during the low tide...photography again~haha!we were there until 8.00pm...once we returned at the hotel, straight away continued with group work until 1.00am...
[sunset at Tanjung Rhu]

20th August 2009
PRESENTATION DAY! we continued working at 10.00am till 5
.00pm...At last, Group 7 has finished everything!! we worked together really well! Presentation session finished at 7.30pm after Mr.Harris, Mr.Gary and Mr.Hailane gave some positive comments and also negative comments...I was wondering, where is my tutor?? Mr. Tan Chee Don, where are u?? my group conducted by Ferry(group leader) and he managed to make us confident with everything that we asked to do... thumbs up Ferry and also Jes!!! After that, i joined Emy, Mel, Verne, Cy, and Jin Shan watched the sunset again at Pantai Chenang...

[sunset at Chenang Beach]

21st August 2009
Our last day in Langkawi... i woke up, breakfast, and get p
repared to check-out from the hotel. We checked-out at 12pm. Amily went back earlier than us, at 7am i guess.. after that, we went to the site again...had a last simple analysis about that place...just tell u this, our site was totally different at the middle of the day... it was the high tide period!! the day before was the low tide period...i could see lots of differences!!! low tide and high tide could change the character of that place...After that, we went to the jetty and bought the ticket (scheduled at 7pm). while waiting for the ferry, we went to shop at Kuah Town... i spent some cash for chocolates!! the price is so un-bloody-lievable!! very cheap compared to the normal price..fuuhh..! at 6.50pm, we entered the ferry and enroute to Kuala Perlis...it took an hour to get there..We reached at 8.10pm.. then. we had a dinner at KFC...after that, straightaway enroute to the bus station. Our bus at 10.30pm and we arrived in KL around 5.ooam...

22nd August 2009

Yay!! here i come, KL!! puasa...jangan lupa... we sahur at Mamak stall nearby there..i had no appetite to take any food..so i just ordered Teh Tarik...Nurin&Aimi got themselves into the taxi and went back...Hilman, Audi, and Yaya&boyfriend went back to Seri Kembangan by someone's car. and Jes straightaway bought the bus ticket to go to Malacca...and I?? i took a LRT from Pudu to Ampang...akhirnya sampai Ampang...then tidur... :)

Langkawi, i will make my way here again

Ahlan Wasahlan Ramadhan

From Fasting to Feasting...

Ahlan Wasahlan Ramadhan!! once i arrived KL yesterday from Langkawi, bulan puasa sudah tiba sudah...tidak sempat mahu sentuh makanan KL lah..btw, Happy Ramadhan to u all...

For this Ramadhan... I am asking for HIS Forgiveness and YOUR Forgiveness...Together we strengthen our Ukhuwah!

wake up from a long sleep

huh!! i lost my direction in this blog...haha! actually i just recovered from a busy-buzz brain fever a.k.a went trough a few tiring weeks [hentam saja the word]...okay, okay.. let's shake it up a little!! i'm gonna update this blog soon...and yeah,,for the missed events i will update regarding to the date...but maybe not all..it depends on my mood.. :P kinda getting to the bottom of this because those events were so awesome and unforgettable..it gave a lotsa new experiences that will be a memory till death!!! experience makes a real me :)

you may redeem yourself!

you started it...and now, people ask you to stop...because we know you can make it happen!
"ms.dy don't get yourself into this f*k**ra's trap...you can find the way out...we trust you!"


To the girl named F*k**ra,,, perhaps u may read this... u are such a grade one a-hole with a severe attitudinal problem!!! Please stop spoiling other people... bertaubat la weyh!!! We won't harm u if u admits all your mistakes and wrongness... May Allah shows u the way to get back into the right path… InsyaAllah…FYI, u just get me psychotic! get everyone psychotic!!! When I look from ur profile trough myspace that you're devilishly pretty and your name intrigues me… haiz, I don’t say I’m very perfect enough to advice u, don’t get me wrong, aku hanya berpesan-pesan sesama manusia...itu je yg aku boleh buat...

In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

By (the Token of) Time (through the ages),

Verily Man is in loss,
Except such as have Faith, and do righteous deeds, and (join together) in the mutual teaching of Truth, and of Patience and Constancy.

103. Surah Al-'Asr (The Time)

The easiest Interpretation..

For the glory of Allah, the Merciful One Who is endlessly Beneficent, and Who Graciously rewards those who live in Divine harmony,

There is no time to waste!
Truly any person has strayed from the [straight] path

Unless they believe [in Allah], do works of righteousness, encourage one another by means of divine Truth, and encourage one another through patient perseverance.

103. Surah Al-'Asr (The Time)


Alhamdulillah...well done!! we made it!! we made it!! woohoo!! Smart Solat Camp 2 at Masjid Al-Ehsan, Hulu Langat has achieved the objective!! i bet it does! well-planned schedule for committees and most of the participants are so have a good manner compared to previous batch...i guess no need to mention which batch...find it yourself! haiz..completely different! maybe one of the reason is due to the amount of the participant way lesser than the previous one... it was only about 40 participants... yes, that's why!! this time, i had my own people, Group 3 (Saidina Ali) Adik2, you guys are really great!! to adik Shahrul, Syafiq, Nabil, Ismail, and Hazriq... adik2 mmg dengar cakap abg! budak baik semua :) ! This is one of the best memory in August!!

[will upload the photos a.s.a.p. Now I'm having a problem with my camera]

from HER...

who can deny the heart that is yearning???

[perfume:: it happens to be the first gift for my birthday...thx hulfa]

from HER...

I think you're radical
But you're a star and I'm fanatical

Guys, if you're looking for inspiration, think about this. Where
would you be without your girlfriend? Have you ever tried sharing feelings with your buddies? They just don't get it, and they would laugh at you anyway. But sometimes they do, that's the real friend!! Be thankful that you have someone that you can be vulnerable with. Having a woman in your life is the ultimate gift. Your bodies fit together because your souls fit together and you're meant to be together. Say thank you to your girlfriend. Tell her how grateful you are that she is in your life.

You were hiding in a darkened stall
Waiting on your curtain call

Getting your piece of mind

But I was looking past the glossy stare

I knew who was really there
And I'd like to spend some time


hulfa '09


i will start a new script...new page...insyaAllah everything will be new...new attitude?


My holiday for this semester gonna be over soon!! time runs too fast~~ i still got things have to be done before I start a new semester...at the same time, i can't live without 24hours Internet connection ON... My parent's place, Ampang has the Internet connection but it's freaking slow and sluggish...sometimes i pissed off and straightaway shut it down...but sometimes it's really2 fast! [it's REALLY SOMETIMES]... Tomorrow is my registration day...cant wait to meet all friends!! leon, djah, fran, roy, vivi, cy, mun2, jin shan, dvoon, naz, wan, syafiq, iza, and some other friends are not listed but seriously miss u all damn much!!

5th August 2009
- registration for FABE students
10th August 2009 - class begins....

SMART SOLAT CAMP 1 - be on top with no preparation

how can it be perfect?? we are spanking new in this kind of event...but did try to make perfect!!

i keep repeating this sentence in deep inside my heart...I didn't voice it out because i assume people would understand the situation...But in fact, they don't! my first experience being a committee for an event organized by Jabatan Agama Islam Selangor (JAIS) and it conducted by IQRA' Educare Centre [a consultant for that event].I was under IQRA' consultant, we call this event "SMART SOLAT CAMP" actually this camp is about to teach, tell, and educate students especially teenagers how to perform solat with the right way and stuff like that with the theory and practical. Seriously, that was totally a new environment for me. I had to control about 110 students (9-17 years old) and of course not me the only one, it was 8 of us. I spent my early August(1-2 August 2009) at Masjid Al-Aman, Ampang. It was very fun playing and talking with those kids and teenagers...get to know with them make feel like I'm in their ages..hehe :D

In brief, it was kind of messed up because I think we didn't touch the goal, we didn't achieve the objective of this event due to lack of committees and most of the participants were super hyper-active and aggressive. Indeed, we didn't have enough time to get prepared for that. I mean we need to have a short briefing (at least) among IQRA' committees before jumping into the lagoon. The night before, yes, we had a briefing with PAKSI (another consultant) but it was at 11.30pm until 1.30am due to PAKSI's committees yang sangat lah lambat that time. Because of that, we didn't have a meeting among us(IQRA' committees)!

So, to the person who said IQRA' committees are weak and failed to conduct this event, u better stay behind the barricade because we've not done yet!still have another two SMART SOLAT CAMPs (at Hulu Langat & Teras Jernang) that will be conducted by us because we have learned from the lesson and 'improvement' is the center of the attention now! :)

5 Science 1 '06 [REUNION]

3 events clashed!!

REUNION SMKHK, class of 2006, Pavilion, KL

These are the events that i had to attend actually...but i could make only 2 of them..I missed the demonstration[saya yang ajak, tidak datang pula.. haiz!]...that wasn't purposely not to attend but seriously 1st August gave a big impulse on me...impossible to make it happen at the same hour! maybe we can kill 2 birds with one stone but not double vultures with one arrow...for me it hardly ever happened. As a final point i decided to attend Smart Solat Camp [because it compulsory for me] but i took an excuse to leave the camp only for few hours from 12pm till 5pm... i rushed to Pavilion, KL and without delay we gathered at Pizza Hut. Before that, I met Syahera at one hotel nearby there. I don't really remember what hotel but that is a shop-lot hotel. [syahera malu nak pergi Pavilion sorang2 cuz of a 'lame accuse', jadi saya teman dia, then pergi sama2...so jangan ckp kami berdating :P ]...

That gathering was really10000x FUN and EXCITING!
!! attendance was great and unexpected. Around 20 friends turned up!!!! we talked a lots and crap-ing non-stop!! haha!! here i got few photos from my camera..take a look!! ^^

These are the people who has grabbed my attention during the gathering... [jeng3! calon2nya ialah...]

Adini, Ur hair is so cool!!!
Suzie, U are so HOT!
Shoba is totally different with her short hair...
remains the same...

and Vanu, she's kinda blonde!!!!!!

Anyway, thumbs up to Shoba!! u did a very good job and well-planned ga
thering!! *hugs* ^^

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