Our LIFE is real PRECIOUS! so appreciate!
Basically, this blog is NOT ONLY about the life story of the Author. It contains some informative entries that may be useful for the readers include POLITICS, FACTS, NATURE, HONESTY & LIES, NEWS, SOCIAL ISSUES, ARCHITECTURE and MY DAILY ROUTINE.

fyi, this blog has changed the header name from "it starts with a word" to "Stand Up and Speak Out"
and don't get confuse anyway!

start with a good thing!

anyway,,,my semester juz started and i feel so exited to meet all my classmates(Djah,leon,fran,roy,chuin yoong,jin shan,yus,dvoon,mun2,wan,naz,syapiq,hui yun,,and some of the friends that i forgot to mention here..errr...cyndy???maybe kot) since we had a semeter holiday for 3months...that 3month seemed very2 long time to go...i was working during that holiday and i really enjoyed it!!!!worked in KFC as a part time cashier was sumting not really stressful but quite tired since my timetable was very2 pack and my routine was juz nothing interesting...when i woke up from sleep i straight away had to prepare to go to KFC...and normally my shift will be end at 12midnight.that was very2 tired and after that i sleep until the next morning...the same thing happend everyday within that 3 months(jus like a recycle wheel).wat makes me sooooo enjoy working there was 'friends'!!!...i get to know with a lot of ppl and they were soooo happy knowing myself(only some of them,,not all).k.Hajar,k.sue,k.dayang,k.ana,ms.mieza,daus,eddy,abg alip and should be forgotten, aunty jarinah...hehhehe...there are some ppl that i hate the most also,,,ms.veronica,azman,and nabeela....i hate these 3 ppl cuz they always cari pasal dgn aku...and they are the freaky ppl ever...hahha~~!
huh~~!i really wanted to hv a blog but now,,when my blog is already created,,i juz dunno wat am i suppose to write here...haiz~~!it's been 1 and a half month but only 1 buletin has posted...i create this blog only for myself..but i cant let all my problems out from my heart..they are grounded in my heart..huh~~!
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