Our LIFE is real PRECIOUS! so appreciate!
Basically, this blog is NOT ONLY about the life story of the Author. It contains some informative entries that may be useful for the readers include POLITICS, FACTS, NATURE, HONESTY & LIES, NEWS, SOCIAL ISSUES, ARCHITECTURE and MY DAILY ROUTINE.

fyi, this blog has changed the header name from "it starts with a word" to "Stand Up and Speak Out"
and don't get confuse anyway!

hey LAMEOS!!!

SHOUTOUT to all LAMEOS members,

don't forget about tonight!! attendance is COMPULSORY... it's part of our event of the year! hehe :P

:::message from member of legislature (kahkahkah!)


DJaH said...

Ah sedih!! no lameos came.. lol.. unless this is another event with me excluded.. ?? I'm in dubai! :)

hudzhulfa said...

ahh..jgn sedih baa...we all wanted to come!! SERIOUSLY NO CHEATING!! no transport cuz i was in Ampang yesterday.. :( Fransisca and I were very disappointing cuz we couldn't make it... warghh3x!! **crying like a baby** our nerves are fried cuz of this separation..! :(

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