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Great Interview!

hey people!! I'm TIRED!! "i wish i could just shout this out to let all the lecturers know that I'm freaking tired now!" tomorrow is the interim critic session for Project 1- site office... at this moment. i have no progress other that some sketches that i provided for last week's tutorial session..hey, I'm not gonna show that seriously!! **unfortunately, that's the only thing u have la hud** according to Mr. Harris's 'black'-email **laughing** that i just received, we have to pin-up proper layout plans, elevations, sections, and etc...etc...etc..bla..bla! but i just got some sketches that may show my the concept of the site office.. **sigh** hey hud, u have to work it out man!!

What made me tired?? haha,,,that's the point of what I'm writing here,,,hehe! This morning my group (Leon, Vivien, and Chyong Mei) and I had a great interview with one of the officer who in charge on the building that we suppose to study on... tht' was my 3rd time dealing with some great people...great feeling at this moment! :D Actually, this interview is for Building Science 202 assignment... They (the management) had given us the awesome feedback and good cooperation throughout the interview...We talked to the architect of that building itself, we went to the site..Wooahh!! Seriously that blew my mind!! And now, my mind has blew by this thing and has gone nowhere...haha! Hey hud, focus on design!! FOCUS!! FOCUS!!!

Leon, Vivien, and Chyong Mei, We did it very well!! yeah!!


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